Yuki Sakuma is one of the passengers of the Endeavor, and is a member of Grant’s Group.  She's a rather smart girl and is the only female survivor that was part of Kouhei’s Group besides Kouhei himself.



Age: 20

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Guitair, History, Bears

Dislikes: Canned Coffee, Perverts, being exposed naked to boys

Family: Father, Mother, Brother


At her Tokyo College, Yuki had been the class president and was always nagging a few of her fellow students because of misbehaviour, especially Makoto Morita.  Because of some of the students in her class being mischievous or perverted, she always took her role seriously.


Yuki, when she was at school, was constantly nagging to her college classmate, Makoto Morita and a few other of his friends about stopping their immature pranks. She has continued to do so even on the island, but is nowadays much more easily flustered by Riley now. Throughout the events on the island, Yuki has been shown to be extremely knowledgeable and knew things that even Shirou Mariya, a prodigy, have not known.

Yuki has been shown to have certain addictions or sorts, that when she likes something, she'd think unimaginable things and when she believes in something, she'll try to influence others into it, too. For example, because of Yuki's love for bears, she imagined the island would be in the shape of a giant bear and when people were debating about Mami Kagura’s precognition abilities, she influenced Kanako Oomori into believing they were real, knowing a variety of facts about ESP abilities. 


Yuki is extremely intelligent and knows a lot about various historical facts and trivia and is often seen explaining items, objects or past events that have happened before. She also seems to know a lot about information that intrigues her such as ESP where she has displayed knowledge of all types of things that are on the basis of ESP.

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