Lex Hammond
Vital statistics
Aliases Lex
Species Human (formerly)

Augmented Human

Gender Female
Age 18
Status Alive


Affiliation Sangster Group

Grant Group/Guardians

Position Warrior


Physical Attributes
Hair Blonde (later on with white tips)
Eyes Blue
Personality Statistics
Family Tree
Family Parents (unknown), John Hammond (Grandfather; deceased), Timothy "Tim" Hammond (little brother)
Other Statistics
Voice Actor Stephanie Steh

Alexis "Lex" Hammond is a young punk hoodlum at Snow Ski High School who manages to graduate alongside her class, Class 4-A.  Though before the graduation vacation could attend, she and everyone else of her class were taken to the Lost World Eden.  Augmented, she is no longer a scrawny hoodlum, but a petite beauty of who she was, though her tough attitude has remained.  She's a Scout of the Sangster Group , but later on the Grant Group/Guardians .


  • Name:  Alexis 'Lex' Hammond
  • Age:  18
  • Hair:  Blonde (later on with white tips)
  • Eyes:  Blue
  • Likes:  Cute things, rock-climbing, computers
  • Dislikes: Getting sneezed on by the wildlife(in accordance to an experience with a cold-stricken Elephant Whale where she and the others wake up)
  • Family:  Parents (unknown), John Hammond (Grandfather; deceased), Timothy "Tim" Hammond (little brother)



Before her transformation, Lex was an eighteen year old Caucasian female, with an undeveloped body, which caused her to get annoyed by the other pretty girls, but with dazzling green eyes. She had kept her long blonde hair in a pompadour look, with a medic mask on her mouth and nose colored black, a black tank top going down to her waist, blue jeans and black combat boots, with black fingerless gloves and a Chicago Bulls jersey. She also put on sunglasses to hide her eyes.

After her transformation, she still retains the age of eighteen, but now her undeveloped body becomes rather attractive, with C Cup breasts, thin waist, long sexy legs, a shapely buttocks, and athletic figure to add to her slender appearance. Her hair had been undone and now reaches her buttocks, as it is in a long ahoge.

LW Attire



Lexi is smart and praised as a genius. She knows more about technology and computers, making her quite the tinkerer. Though often at times, she gets teased for it, although her intelligence helps them solve problems.

Before and after her transformation, she also has boy troubles.

It is shown and revealed that due to her parents dying, she developed a habit of lying about them as well as spreading rumors. Though later on, she mentions that she wishes they were there for her, indicating that her lying is a coping mechanism in that she still grieves for her parents and wishes they were still alive.




  • Warrior - Scout Class
  • Rock Climbing
  • Computer Skills: Lex has very good computer skills and is a proficient computer hacker.
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Running Track


  • Outfits
  • Mini-Sword
  • Hand Blaster



Voice Actor

Stephanie Steh


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