Class 7-B is the second class to graduate its senior year alongside Class 4-A.  Friends and rivals to each other classes, they are also taken to the Lost World Eden, adding to the group.  Amongst them are those to try and solve the mystery of why they are there, but also to survive the harsh environments as well as the even harsher nations that govern that world.

Known Members

  1. Billy Banderson
  2. Mary-Ann Waterson
  3. AJ Simmons
  4. Chelsea Cunningham
  5. Chuck McBatters
  6. Arnold Heckerd
  7. Harold Tussci
  8. Rhonda Wesst
  9. Gerald West
  10. Harvey McPhearson
  11. Carlita Alvarez
  12. Shona Choudhary
  13. Ulgar Zweiger
  14. Luca Esposito
  15. Zack Walker
  16. Ivan Vlanko
  17. Charce Lacroix
  18. Charlotte Lacroix
  19. Chad Chanson
  20. Eva Offsteder
  21. Zoe Anderson
  22. Midari Kugarashi
  23. Lance Hericks
  24. Angelice 'Angie' Icaruson
  25. Hildegard 'Hilda' Schlievgette
  26. Christine 'Chris' Strothers
  27. Rosalie Marmers
  28. Jasminka Antonvenko
  29. April O'Nelson
  30. Diana Cavender


  • Harriette Handerwell - Art and Gymnastics Teacher
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