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Charlotte Grainger was the class rep of Class 4-A, and was with the group when they were supposed to go to Hawaii at the airport. However, due to a strange electric solar storm, both classes of 4-A and 7-B disappeared along with vacationing staff members. She awoke on one of the Dragon's Tail islands along with others... escaping giant insects. She awoke to find herself augmented and changed amazingly.

She became one of the defacto leaders and an amazing sniper as well for the Grant Group/Guardians.


  • Name: Charlotte Grainger
  • Age: 18
  • Hair: Light Brown (Later on with underside White)
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Family: Mother (mentioned)



Before her transformation, Charlotte was a plain looking brunette English Caucasian girl. Her hair was in a single braid and draped over her side with a skinny frame and no chest at all. She wore black stockings and brown slip-on shoes, with a brown long skirt that reached the middle of her calves, a plain white button up shirt and a brown vest. She even had gorgeous orange eyes hidden behind glasses.

Though once taken to the LWE, she was transformed into a bespectacled beauty. No longer needing glasses either. Her hair had become long enough to touch her mid-thighs but has it done in two large braids. She has also grown an amazing G cup chest, making her out to be very buxom, slender and has a petit waistline with albeit a very curvaceous figure.

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Stephanie Wittels


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